North Carolina Pioneers

The American Pioneer Series

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Peyton of Gloucester County, Virginia
and Bath County, North Carolina
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The Peyton family started in America with Robert Peyton who settled in Virginia before 1680. When Sir John Peyton of Isleham, England died withour heirs, it was John Peyton of Gloucester County, the first cousin of Benjamin Peyton of Beaufort County, North Carolina, who inherited the baronetcy. Benjamin established his plantation known as the "Garrison" on Durham's Creek. Beaufort County was rich with culture and excitement. Black Beard the pirate was a frequent visitor to this area and rumor has it that he buried some treasure near the old town of Bath. If you have not visited Bath, this is one of the loveliest coastal towns in North Carolina. For more details, see the Peyton genealogy under North Carolina Pioneers
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